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Cuban to media: Check, checkmate

Mark Cuban is really sticking it to the media with his new blog. On Wednesday, he predicted inaccurate or slanted coverage of his latest fine from the NBA.

What will once again be fun is to watch how the media covers the fine. They of course will write and report that I am being fined for “putting out a bounty on Bruce Bowen,” which of course I never did, but works a whole lot better in a story. Or some of the more responsible reporters will write that I was fined for my “comments to Josh Howard in reponse to the Bowen/Finley altercation,” which of course is incorrect as well.  Think anyone will report that I was fined because I commented to the media? Me neither.

Then later that night, during his pre-game workout, he watches ESPN fulfill his prophecy about how the fine would be reported. When game day reporters showed up to question him on the issue, he stuck it to them:

… I told them that rather than providing any commentary or quotes to them on this matter, or on any upcoming matters, I would be posting whatever I had to say on my blog. They were not happy.

”How are we going to ask you follow up questions?” I explained that he could email me directly or from the site, but that I would most likely post his question and my response. “Is the league sending a message that they didn’t want you talking to reporters?” Ding ding ding. Give him a lollipop.

I went on to explain that this was the best way for all of us. They could get all the quotes and information they needed. “Will this be just you writing it, or will you dictate it to someone else?”

The satisfaction of knowing that each will have to explain to their editors what a blog is — and argue for who knows how long about whether or not is an attributable source — crept over me and that jaunt on the gauntlet flew by.

This is really interesting. In a sense, Cuban is now forcing the media to be transparent. It should be interesting to see how each media outlet responds. Here’s a few that we found:

• Props to San Antonio Express News’ Mike Monroe for including Cuban e-mail exchanges in his followup reporting on the Bruce Bowen event. “I e-mailed Cuban and acknowledged I should not have termed his statement a bounty. He e-mailed back that he should have been more specific about what he had actually told Howard.”
• On the other hand, ESPN quoted Cuban’s reaction to the fine and attributed it to his blog, but makes no mention of Cuban’s problems with his take on their reporting.
The Dallas Morning News uses the same quotes as ESPN, but does not attribute them to his blog. While across town, at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they do attribute his comments to the blog.

Also: We are still wondering why news sites can’t create hyperlinks to web sites in their online editions. Just follow any of the links above that refer to Cuban’s weblog. None of them are hyperlinks.

Dan Gillmor asks Mark Cuban 5 questions about blogging.
Q: What prompted the blog in the first place?
A: I was tired of reading incomplete information or misinformation about what I was doing in the sports media. This was one way to get the facts out.

Posted on Mar 18, 2004 | 8:35 am EST

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