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Recommended Reading

Newsplex Mission: Help Media Innovate: Interview with Kerry Northrup, Executive Director Ifra and leader of Newsplex: “Most news organizations have yet to make the necessary and inevitable transition from being in the manufacturing business — focused on trying to produce and sell a tangible product such as a copy of a newspaper — to being a service industry, in which our focus would be on trying to meet our customers’ news and information needs by whatever means and in whatever form available.” Bingo!

Research: Local TV News: On the Road to Irrelevance: “Journalism, if nothing else, should reflect its time. In the last year, America has been attacked, begun a new kind of war and seen its stock market and business sector spiral into crisis. In response, local television news has scarcely changed.” (The Project for Excellence in Journalism’s fifth annual study)

Two interesting threads on Slashdot
How Do People Evaluate a Web Site’s Credibility? discussing the Stanford Web Credibility project....
Wading Through Weblogs, One Idea at a Time discussing the Waypath Project...

Are Weblogs legitimate business tools? A Face-off on Networld World Fusion
Yes: “...blogs are not only knowledge builders, they’re reputation builders. With help from some contributors and other blogs, we’ve filtered the best resources on the Web for our employees, our customers and our industry.”
No: “True believers of blogs have forgotten the lesson of the past two years: Don’t overstate the potential of a new technology, especially when it has “Web” in its name. I am trying to be a bit more realistic.”

’Blog junkie’ keeps our political coverage unbiased, meaningful: The managing editor at the Standard-Examiner (Ogden, Utah), Ron Thornburg, explains how an assistant news editor’s affinity for political weblogs helps the paper: “The extracurricular research pays off by making him a more informed copy editor and headline writer. And understanding the nuances of today’s complicated political issues is vital to our credibility.” Thornburg was our boss at The Burlington (Vt.) Free Press in the early 90s. Knowing Ron, it might not be too long before his staff will be blogging.
(Note: The registration on this site is real pain the neck).

’Texters’ untethered in wireless world: “The idea of drawing information from mobile mobs armed with Internet video capacity, Howard Rheingold says, boggles the mind. ‘An event is going to happen somewhere and 300 people will send video to the Internet in 20 minutes. The major media aren’t going away, but the minor media are exploding.’ “ (Washington Times)

Shelf consciousness: Doc riffs: “I think blogs are too personal, too conversational, too interactive too human to be considered “outlets” for anything.… Unlike publications, blogs are subject to subsequent editing and re-editing. They also welcome edits by others. The are alive in the sense that they are, like their authors, unfinished.” They are only too personal and conversational if you blog like Doc!

Innovation Interrupted: “A few emerging technologies look interesting as potential forces in the enterprise that could one day change the game.” Third on the author’s list: Portal proliferation. “I think portals will seep into many more areas, and I can imagine an environment in which there’s a portal for every person, place, and thing, including devices with portals that customers and vendors use to manage the portals themselves.” What Google News does well is just this: a portal for every story. (Optimize Magazine)

Posted on Nov 10, 2002 | 2:26 pm EST

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