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Hypergene MediaBlog » Harvard/Nieman Foundation: Whose News? Day 1
All about Participatory Journalism - how audiences are changing the future of news and information.
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Harvard/Nieman Foundation: Whose News? Day 1

We’re participating in The Media Center’s Whose News? Media, Technology and the Common Good discussion today. Lot’s of interesting people bringing lots of interesting ideas.

Today and tomorrow, you can follow the discussion on The Media Center’s morph weblog.

David WeinbergerHere’s a few of our favorite quotes (paraphrased) from today:

“Which is better for the common good: Google digitizing major libraries and owning the access to that digital content, or for the government to own it?” - David Weinberger

“Credibility can be achieved through conversation.” - unsure of attribution

“Journalism is a knowledge profession and it has a huge problem with updating its knowledge. Media doesn’t value intellectual capital, such as learning and educating their employees. The web presents a huge learning challenge for newsrooms. This is why there is a significant gap between what the audience knows about the web and what journalists know about the web. Professional journalists need to jump into the fray and start learning.” - Jay Rosen

“The newspaper industry spends 1/3 the amount most industries spend on R&D.” - Dale Peskin

“I don’t care if mainstream media survives, but I care if journalism survives.” - Rebecca MacKinnon

“Media has a credibility problem partly because journalism hasn’t learned how to adequately explain itself, its process.” - Jay Rosen on editorial judgement

“Mainstream media need to acknowledge that truth is a plural word.” - Jan Schaffer

“People may be Bowling Alone, but their Everquesting together.” - Matt Thomson

“Craigslist is run by the people who use it. Basically, all we do is support infrastructure, and handle breeches/abuses.” - Craig Newmark

Responding to Craig’s comments, someone said, “Bigger companies are convinced that self-policing doesn’t work.”

“Basic improvements in the use of technology would produce improvements in media by an order of magnitude.” - Michael Schrage

In addition to explain various BBC projects such as ICAN, Richard Sambrook announced that the BBC is planning its own Journalism school. Coincidentally, he mentioned that the BBC’s business is slowly shifting from a broadcaster and mediator to a facilitator and enabler of news.

Jeff Jarvis mentioned several time how media companies need to develop an open-source advertising network for bloggers, creating the ability to enable a distributed revenue infrastructure.

Len Apcar, on the acquisition: “(This purchase) said that the New York Times Co. is not a newspaper company.” He also said, “We are starved for page views.” Basically, it was a CPC deal.

We had a great post-conference discussion/interview with Karen Stephenson about trust, reputation systems and her upcoming book “The Quantum Theory of Trust,” published by The Financial Times. We’ve been big fans of her ideas. We wrote about her in a previous post and included some of her ideas in Chapter 4 of We Media. We’ll post a transcript and/or an MP3 of the discussion with Karen later on.

She’s giving a talk tomorrow about trust and given how much discussion there was today about credibility and trust, it should make for some great conversation.

Finally, here’s a small gallery of photos from today’s session. P.S. Where’s Wonkette?

Also blogging from the conference
Rebecca MacKinnon, David Weinberger

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Posted on Mar 03, 2005 | 10:49 am EST

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