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Hypergene MediaBlog » 15 non-white male blogging voices
All about Participatory Journalism - how audiences are changing the future of news and information.
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15 non-white male blogging voices

Halley Suitt, a participant in the recent Whose News? conference at Harvard, has thrown down the gauntlet asking for fellow participants to promote non-white male bloggers on our sites.

As we said in the comments to her post: We’re happy to do this. But it will take a few days to figure out the race (and sometimes gender) of the blogs we read. We’re usually only interested in the ideas presented on a blog, not the demographics of its creator.

That said, here’s a list that fits her criteria from the 500+ blogs we track:
(Guess we’ll skip Rebecca, Heather, Susan, Joi, etc. and other well-known non-white male bloggers that we regularly read.)

1. Ramesh Jain, an entrepreneur, teacher and a researcher in multimedia information systems, image databases, machine vision, and intelligent systems.
2. Charlene Li, a principal analyst on the Devices, Media, and Marketing team at Forrester.
3. Rafat Ali of, a biz-tech journalist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.
4. Om Malik, a senior writer for Business 2.0 magazine in San Francisco. His blog on interenet telephony and broadband is one of our favorites.
5. Renee Hopkins Callahan of Corante’s IdeaFlow. We had the pleasure of lunching with back when we lived in Dallas.
6. Jennifer Rice is the editor of Corante’s new PR and marketing blog, BrandShift.
7. Danah Boyd, getting her Ph.D. with a focus on social technologies at SIMS - UC Berkeley, and contributor to Many-to-Many.
8. Debbie Weil, writes good how-to’s for newbies on participatory media. She has also written many self-published tip guides, such as ROI of Business Blogging. Her other blog is BlogWrite for CEOs. She comes across a little too Tony Robbins, but the content is usually solid.
9. Podcast: The Dawn and Drew Show: a very popular freeform comedy by a husband-and-wife duo from rural Wisconsin. But we listen because of Dawn who is funny, clever and nasty.
10. Saving the best for last, Amy Gahran, a writer, editor and trainer. Just go read her blog. Some of the best how-to and explanation of new participatory technologies in the business.

During our translation of WeMedia, we discovered a number of Spanish language blogs that write about journalism and participatory media. Some of them we’ve been reading for a while. Some we’ve never read before. They are all in Spanish, and Shayne can read it well enough to be dangerous. Otherwise, you might need the Google Translator to see how smart these folks are. Here’s a few of our favorite blogs:

1. eCuaderno by José Luis Orihuela, a professor, lecturer and blogger. Pamplona, Spain.
2. Periodistas 21 by Juan Varela, a journalist and media consultant. Madrid, Spain.
3. Notas en la Red by Mario López de Ávila Muñoz, a director at NODOS C.T.C. Spain.
4. Qué Día Hoy! by Julian Gallo, a professor of new media. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
5. This one is Portuguese: Ponto Media by António Granado, co-author of Weblogs: Diário de Bordo. Benfica, Portugal.
6. If Eva Dominguez in Spain had a blog, we’d read it too. Meanwhile, we read her posts in Enlish on Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits.

We also read a lot of collab blogs like Copyfight, unmediated, E-Media Tidbits, Signals vs. Noise, Many-to-Many, etc. that have several women, men and bots contributing, writing, editing - the works. As we said before, all we really care about are good ideas.

(13 March 2005) Steven Levy’s Newsweek column asks, in response to the Harvard conference, “Does the blogosphere have a diversity problem?”
(16 March 2005) Jeff Jarvis rants on the issue, echoing some of our thoughts, “It’s the voice that matters. It’s the person that matters. It’s the message that matters. Not the race or the gender.”

Posted on Mar 08, 2005 | 9:56 am EST


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But why, I wonder, do we stop at divisions by cultural heritage and gender? (btw, genetics has long since laid to rest any scientific basis to the concept of ‘race’ as there can be more genetic difference between siblings than between world-apart cultures). 

I say we take the challenge to the level of a REAL challenge! What say we rally to promote blogs by Lefties, blogs by Blondes, by Urban vs Rural bloggers, or blogs by Short People and Cat vs Dog People, or group-by our blogrolls by the author’s favourite Beatle ...

Gauntlet indeed.  Gauntlet? or troll …

Posted by: mrG on Mar 08, 05 | 2:17 pm EST

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Good list! Thanks, especially, for the Spanish language blogs.  I included one in my Ten Voices post, too.

Posted by: Lisa Williams on Mar 09, 05 | 8:16 pm EST

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I must be missing something. Isn’t it supposed to be non-white male bloggers? How do the women figure in it?

Also, I am Portuguese and António Granado doesn’t look non-white. He looks like a typical Portie, from the sample given. Are we even more of a minority than I thought? This supports my long-held theory that we quietly slipped into Morocco while Europe slept and are now the most powerful North-African nation. BeNfica is spelled like this, with an “N”. It’s both a lisbon Quarter and a *sigh* soccer club.

Posted by: Lioness on Mar 16, 05 | 4:18 pm EST

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Lioness, the original qualifications set forth by Halley, were to share with your audience who are you reading that is a non-white male, or simply a female. In retrospect our headline is not entirely as accurate as it could have been. It probably should have been “15 non-white male, and female bloggers.”

But again, I simply don’t care about these things. I only care about good ideas. I think Halley’s point was simply that some people do not look to far beyond their own mini-blogosphere, and that she wanted us to showcase the diversity of voices that are out there.

P.S. Thanks for the correction on BeNficia, my Portuguese is woeful at best. Cheers…

Posted by: Shayne on Mar 19, 05 | 9:13 pm EST

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Wow, I just found this post and I am completely humbled and flattered to be included, especially with the “saving the best for last” bit. Hypergene is one of my favorite blogs, a near-daily read. I can’t believe I didn’t spot this item until today.

BTW, I’ve been covering the blogosphere gender perception issue too. See “Women in Online Media: My Letter to Newsweek”.

- Amy Gahran

Posted by: Amy Gahran on Mar 22, 05 | 11:01 pm EST

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Amy -
Now we are the ones humbled and flattered!
All the best and keep up the great work.

Posted by: Shayne on Apr 11, 05 | 9:23 pm EST

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