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MediaBlog log analysis

We are admitted stats junkies. Log analysis can be very revealing, showing you information that can affirm or defy assumptions. Log analysis is also an effective tool help make design choices. We thought it might be interesting to share the statistics of our weblog so that others in Blogosphere might benefit from the information. Here's what we found by looking at the first two months of our stats.

Page Requests: We were shocked to see our XML feed perform so well. This probably isn't a shock to those who already have RSS feeds, but this is the first site we've hosted with RSS. The feed outperforms the traffic to our entire blog, by almost 2-to-1. We also added Email-A-Friend functionality this month, but didn't think it would be used that much. Turns out it's relatively popular.

/index.xml 7,442 12,816
/weblog.php 4,327 4,837
/comments.php 1,932 2,506
/print.php 105 409
/search/index.php 116 334
/tellafriend.php na 309
/archivesum.php 165 181
/archives.php 58 136

RSS feeds: Tracking our RSS feeds, we have noticed that when other bloggers reference our posts, they tend to pick up the exact wording of the post summary provided in the RSS feed. So it's worth spending a little extra time making sure that summaries are compelling and well written.

When we looked at our feed in NetNewsWire, we also noticed that the image we chose for RSS feed didn't look so hot. It was 600 pixels wide and the window was much smaller. So we designed a special logo for our feeds.

Radio Userland 3,088 4,856
Ranchero NetNewsWire 671 2,471
Amphetadesk 41 87
Aggie 20 122
Straw na 74

Individual Referrals: When we first started getting mentions on other blogs, we thought JD Lasica's post and David Weinberger's post would bring the most referral traffic. Turns out, Adrian Holovaty and Matt Jones have been the most valuable hubs for referral traffic. However, it's truly hard to know how much traffic an individual site brings. For example, did J-Log find out about our site from JD Lasica? Therefore, that referral traffic was originally due to JD's mention.

OCT (1 ref, blogroll) 88 (1 ref) 61
J-Log: (XML feed) 56

NOV (2 refs, blogroll) 193 (1 ref) 112 (1 ref) 99

Our hosting service, Media Temple, provides Urchin's analytics software to track our stats. Sometimes we crunch the logs manually using the free software Analog.

Posted on Dec 03, 2002 | 8:15 am EST


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...or it could mean that Adrian and Matt are stalking you.

Posted by: on Dec 03, 02 | 5:43 pm EST

Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing.

I had no clue my site was giving you so many referrals. My best guess is that people might be using my blogroll more than the average blogroll is used (because of the last-updated times)?

Posted by: Adrian Holovaty on Dec 03, 02 | 6:29 pm EST

RSS feed stats can be misleading:  When a feed is included in something like RadioUserland’s aggregator, it might get checked every few hours or even every few minutes.  The proper sort of RSS-fetch software will only fetch the header and compare the various values for the freshness of the data, but not all RSS-generator programs will produce these headers (MT does) and not all client programs will obey them.

The net result is to take your RSS results with a grain of salt unless you look at the specific requests for just that one page; it’s more interesting to know how many different sites have fetched this file than to know how many times the file is requested.

Posted by: garym on Dec 15, 02 | 11:13 am EST

hmm, I have a stupid question. Do you know how to set up NetNewsWire for pMachine weblog posting?

Posted by: Gatorlog on Jun 25, 03 | 10:32 pm EST

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