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Hypergene MediaBlog » New RSS book and recent articles

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Thursday, 03 Apr 2003

New RSS book and recent articles

RSS, the XML standard for Rich Site Syndication, is gaining ground.

O’Reilly has just announced the release of Content Syndication with RSS (US$29.95), authored by Ben Hammersley. This book “offers webloggers, developers, and the programmers who support them a thorough explanation of syndication in general and RSS in particular. Written for Web developers who want to offer XML-based feeds of their content, as well as developers who want to use the content that other people are syndicating, the book explores and explains metadata interpretation, different forms of content syndication, and the increasing use of web services in this field. If you’re interested in producing your own RSS feed, this step-by-step guide to implementation is the book you’ll want in hand.”
Sample Chapter (PDF, 685kb) | Purchase on Amazon

There have been a number of great articles written about RSS in the last few months:

• JD Lasica’s authoritative look at RSS, News That Comes to You: Too many great quotes in the article to pick any single one. Shayne, from Hypergene, is also quoted in the article (thanks JD). In an interesting participatory journalism turn, JD posted the complete text of his interviews for this article on his site. He explains the reasoning in this post and provides links to the interviews.

• Rusty Coats’ The next front[ier] in the disruption of traditional media: Rusty looks at the impact of RSS on mainstream media. The most compelling part of this article is his list, “Why create RSS feeds from your site if there’s no immediate ROI?” Spot on work, Rusty.

• Tim Bray’s Where Next for RSS?: “Most people, once they start using RSS to check the news, just don’t go back, the amount of time and irritation saved is totally, completely addictive.”

Update: Also just found these recent articles:
• Danny Sullivan, The Search Engine Report Editor, offers RSS: Your Gateway To News & Blog Content and a how-to sidebar Making An RSS Feed. Also don’t miss Sullivan’s Loving Each Other More: Search Engines & Blogs

Microsoft Supports RSS from Dave Winer. “A true milestone, a BigCo that’s not throwing it’s weight around, for now—letting the independent developers lead.”

It’s ironic in the midst of all this talk about adopting standards, that there’s no agreed upon standard on what RSS stands for? Is it “Real Simple Syndication”, or “RDF Site Summary” or “Rich Site Summary”. Now Dave adds in this article “Really Simple Syndication.”

• Washington Post’s News You Can Choose

• Presstime’s Syndication Made Simple: “Motivated to increase their profit margins, Internet managers - including the one who’s sitting in your office - will move quickly to develop RSS as a product that reinforces the company’s brand and creates an even tighter connection between you and your audience.”

Posted on Apr 03, 2003 | 9:14 am EST
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