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Hypergene MediaBlog » And the Oscar goes to .... whom?

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Tuesday, 27 Jan 2004

And the Oscar goes to .... whom?

Being a bit of a film junkie, I (Shayne) went online around 8:50 am EST searching for Academy Award nomination news. This would have been approximately 20 minutes after announcement news was made on the West Coast. Knowing how fast news cycles are today, I figured this would be no problem. Piece of cake.

First hit: - 8:51 am. This is a common place for me to get basic national news info, so I went there first. Though the 6-word Oscar headline was there (in the right hand rail of headlines), the New Hampshire Primary news overwhelmed the page and I didn’t see it. I could have sworn that I scanned this list of headlines. Chalk this one up to user error.

Second hit: E!Online - 8:53 am. Nothing. Mostly Golden Globe fashion reviews. I went here because I watched some of those red carpet fashion previews and thought maybe the folks at E! would be on top of this sort of news. The ticker, which is the only source of “news” on the page, didn’t have the noms yet. Or maybe I didn’t watch the ticker long enough. Regardless, I didn’t see it. (Why do sites still use tickers?)

Third hit: - 8:55 am. This is truly embarrasing. The official site had nothing. This should have gone up the minute the broadcast started or ended, depending on your views on news and information.

Fourth hit: Google News - 8:57 am. Ouch. Google had a link right there at the top of the page. But the link took me to a story at the Santa Cruz Sentinel that said: “The Oscar nominations are out. But newspaper deadlines being what they are, you’ll have to go to our Web site for the news. Look under the ‘Breaking News’ tab.” It really is sad to see a print news story like this repurposed online.

Fifth hit: Google News - 9:07 am. Success! So I hit the back button to Google News and chose the 287 related Academy Award articles and found a USA Today list of all nominations. After reading a few USA Today articles, and rejoicing that Nicole Kidman did not get a nomination, we went back to Google News, where the primary link was now to a more appropriate Detroit Free Press article.

Recheck: - 9:21 am EST, nearly an 50 minutes after announcements. Still nothing. I checked again at 9:43 am and the info was up.

The inherent lessons here are telling, but frankly nothing new.

Meanwhile, how does Brazil’s City of God get nominated for Director, Adapted Screenplay and Cinematography but not Foreign Film. I’ll never understand how the Academy works.

Posted on Jan 27, 2004 | 8:41 am EST
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