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Wednesday, 04 Feb 2004

Recommended Reading

Internet Advertising Report: Is Ad-Supported RSS the Next Big Thing?: A new online ad network, RSSAds, aims to help publishers track impressions of RSS Advertising. Also on the RSS front: MailbyRSS by iUpload, a new service accepts an email message from you and converts the contents into an RSS feed.

Adrian Holovaty has a nice write up on how had participatory journalism in action less than 15 minutes after the Janet Super Bowl incident, while the major news outlets had nothing. Farkers was discussing the incident, sharing high-res screen grabs off Tivo’s, AVIs, animated gifs, and links to where to buy the infamous nipple adornment. Check out the archived Fark thread.

More on Blog comments as News: This E!Online article about the Janet thing quotes a blog in an interesting way:

"I mean, did she just happen to be wearing that big metal thing on her nipple?” the blogsters at Amy’s Robot ( asked. “Don’t get me wrong: I put mine on every morning before I go to work, but I thought that was just me."

Amy’s Robot is written by two people, but the post the article refers to is written by ADM. So the plural reference of “blogsters” is wrong, plus the quotes are in first person. Why didn’t they just email ADM, get his name, permission and reference it? Regardless, we love the quote and think it was a nice addition to the story.

Leonard Witt over at PJNet has an interview with Andrew Nachison, director of the American Press Institute’s Media Center. “Big media does care about the proliferation of “narrowcast” blogs and media because overall the fragmentation of audiences across different media channels is reducing the audience for general-interest mass media. This spans newspapers, magazines and especially television.” Nachison also talks about our We Media paper and API’s upcoming MediaMorphosis retreat (March 10-12), which we will be attending.

Howard Rheingold: The Net, the Dean campaign, and Technological Determinism

Slashdot: Wikipedia Reaches 200,000 Articles. The thread still voices many of the authoritative concerns over a Wikipedia’s credibility as a resource. We liked the post by Mike Hicks: “I don’t think Wikipedia can really be a top-tier scholarly resource. It’s a bit more like a quick reference, with many facts that would have to be re-verified if anyone wanted to use them.”

Notable: Jason Kottke’s blog keeps getting better every day. This guy really knows what he’s doing.

Posted on Feb 04, 2004 | 6:18 am EST
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