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Friday, 06 Feb 2004

Recommended Reading

BBC Deploys Video Cell Phones: Steve Outing points to a Forbes article about “the BBC’s use of video phones (souped-up versions of consumer imaging cell phones) in its reporting.” From the Forbes article:

"Typically in TV news we end up talking to people on the phone [on the air] about what they see while we wait for satellite trucks to arrive where the news is breaking,” says the BBC’s head of newsgathering Adrian Van Klaveren. Thanks to the new camera phones, the BBC has been able to broadcast the first images on several stories.

Super IM, Part 2: Clay points to Stowe Boyd thoughts on Gush, an IM client that re-configures the visual tracking of conversations into column view, and integrates RSS. Clay notes: “One of the really interesting changes in this social software in 2003 was when people began thinking terms of patterns rather than software, and then combining them, as with wiki+blog, blog+BBS etc combos.  The two tools I was most surprised not to see integrated as patterns were IM and mailing lists. With Gush and Buddyspace, it looks like IM is now being really integrated with other tools.”

RSS Galore
Aaron’s RSS to Email Aggregator
reBlog, “a system that aggregates RSS feeds from around the web, has a simple interface for selecting favorite posts, and a hack that uses Movable Type to republish the content.”
NewsWatcher: a new RSS reader for Windows. Free to download for a limited time. Their sites RSS Directory is a nice addition.
Shrook: We just discovered this stellar RSS reader for OS X.
• Dive Into Mark on the myth of RSS compatibility

Innovations in Journalism: JD says The Institute for Interactive Journalism is accepting entries for the Batten Awards., which “seek to reward journalism that uses new information ideas and technologies in innovative ways to involve citizens very actively in critical public issues.” JD also notes “you don’t have to be a big mainstream news organization to apply.” Cost to enter $25. Grand prize: $10,000. Also see: 2003 winners.

Posted on Feb 06, 2004 | 6:58 am EST
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