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Monday, 09 Feb 2004

Recommended Reading

The VC perspective on Social Networking
As “social networking” has grown, so has venture capital support of the sector.  Jim Cashel of Online Community Report discusses the social networking buzz with Jon Staenberg of Rustic Canyon Partners to get an idea of one VC’s view of the trend.

"Collaboration is going to be huge. I love the messaging space. It is easy, fast, and targeted. Get in, get your response, get out. And do it over all kinds of devices, anytime, anywhere. The user can control the space easily and filtering works there. The social networking stuff is an important evolutionary step. But it is a misstep that will lead to smarter next versions."
Also see
Monster to Launch Social Networking Site on
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It Pays to Have Friends Online on WaPost.
What are Friends For?: on ClickZ

Snitch photojournalism: Northeastern University’s Public Safety Division has posted 24 photos apparently taken by students wielding cameras (and perhaps camera photos?) during some post-Super Bowl vandalism on campus.  (via JD)

Blogs Bubble Into Business: “Weblogs began as a personal communications medium, but they’re moving into corporations as tools.” (via Many-to-Many)

Conference Blogging: Ross Mayfield generalizes 8 models of conference blogging styles.

pMachine is now Expression Engine: Om Malik talks with Rick Ellis about the next generation of the pMachine CMS, now called Expression Engine. Sounds excellent. We might have to upgrade soon!

Beltway Bloggers: Personal Politics Turn Communal on a Web of Local Internet Sites (WaPost). “When you have a theory or a concern, telling people over the phone, it’s not that effective, but put it on your blog and you can tell the whole world,” said Alexis Rice, a fellow with the Center for American Government at Johns Hopkins University who is studying the use of technology in presidential campaigns. (via Jeff Jarvis)

New blog for the world’s editors: A new co-operative blog produced by the World Editors’ Forum is designed to help newspaper editors address practical issues of newsroom management and editorial quality. (via JD)

Lycos Closes Communities Lycos has announced the closure of its chat, message boards, clubs and image galleries as of February 1st.

Posted on Feb 09, 2004 | 6:35 am EST
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