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Friday, 05 Mar 2004

Recommended Reading

What Newspapers and Their Web Sites Must Do to Survive by Vin Crosbie on OJR.

The real solution for the industry’s future doesn’t revolve around simply adding multimedia to generic editions. It instead will require that the newspaper industry:

• Use new technologies to match the newspaper’s existing cornucopia of content to satisfy each individual reader’s unique mix of interests
• Understand that neither newsprint nor the Web nor digital editions nor wireless is the answer, but that the true convergence of all those into a single unitary product not only is necessary but likely within 10 years
• Focus less on the industry’s ability to produce content and more on its unique service of delivering to people a complete package of content -- a change that requires newsrooms and corporations to go beyond traditional definitions of “news” or “syndicated sources."

Also see, Steve Outing’s thoughts on Vin’s piece

Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious . Wired: “Using newly developed techniques for graphing the flow of information between blogs, the researchers have discovered that authors of popular blog sites regularly borrow topics from lesser-known bloggers—and they often do so without attribution.”

Blogging to Utopia: are weblogs The New Alternative Press?: The Austin Chronicle reviews blogging as part of its SXSW coverage.

AP: Microsoft Gadget Keeps Record of Your Life: SenseCam, touted as a visual diary of sorts by Microsoft Corp., is designed to be worn around the neck and take up to 2,000 images a 12-hour day automatically. The next gen moblogs are right around the corner.

Review of Next Generation E-mail Clients, and ensuing Slashdot discussion

Gadgets galore: Michael Sippey’s If I ran Gizmodo and Jeff Jarvis on Pete Rojas leaving the Nick Denton tribe of from Gizmodo to start Engadget with Jason Calacanis.

• Steve Klein bags on the Detroit News and Free Press websites here and here on E-Media Tidbits. Being Red Wings fans, we sympathize. But face it dude, those sites are a lot shovelware. Meanwhile, check out ESPN’s NHL RSS Feed.

The Holy Grail: Trackable RSS: “So far, you can’t really track the number of users who access your RSS feed.” - Amy Gahran on E-Media Tidbits.
The Boston Globe adds RSS feeds
What I want in an RSS tool by a Ph.D. student at SIMS - UC Berkeley.

Posted on Mar 05, 2004 | 1:48 pm EST
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