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Hypergene MediaBlog » Our role in the funding

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Friday, 15 Apr 2005

Our role in the funding

Earlier this week, Joshua Schachter announced the financial backers who’ve lined up to fund his social bookmarking site Today, Union Square Ventures managing partner Fred Wilson explains what the firm sees in the tagging phenomenon and why it backed Oddly enough, we discovered that our feed played a minor, yet pivotal role in their investment decision.

" made tagging popular, but others have used it with incredible results. The most obvious example is Flickr. I believe that tags and RSS feeds of the tags has made Flickr vastly superior to other photo sharing sites. RSS feeds make tagging even more powerful. Because everyone’s tag can be an RSS feed, tagging becomes extremely viral and portable.

Jeff Jarvis was the first person that pointed the power of this out to me. I asked him about and he said that he didn’t tag, but he pointed me to this tag (ours) that he subscribed to as an RSS feed.  It was like looking at someone’s personal daily bookmarks. That was the aha moment for me."

What a great complement! We’ve been big fans of, both as a social bookmarking tool as well as a personal information organizer. Most exciting is what new features Joshua may develop, now that is his full-time gig.

While we’re on the subject of social bookmarking, the April issue of D-Lib Magazine has two excellent articles on the topic:

Social Bookmarking Tools: A General Review
This paper reviews some current initiatives in providing public link management applications on the Web. As well, the paper looks at an emergent new class of tools that cater more to the academic communities and that store not only user-supplied tags, but also structured citation metadata terms wherever it is possible to glean this information from service providers.

A Case Study: Connotea
Connotea is a free online reference management and social bookmarking service for scientists created by Nature Publishing Group. In addition to Connotea being a free and public service, the core code is freely available under an open source license.

Posted on Apr 15, 2005 | 10:24 pm EST
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