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Hypergene MediaBlog » Boyd & Buffett: Newspapers are dead already

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Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007

Boyd & Buffett: Newspapers are dead already

Stowe Boyd updates the continuing bad news and bleak outlook for the newspaper industry. Some lowlights:

We should stop wringing our hands for the moribund local newspapers. They are going under. Period. Full stop...

Journalists will, yes, have to get other jobs, or figure out how to make it online.

From From The Washington Post: Buffett Pessimistic About Newspapers

Warren Buffet wrote “fundamentals are definitely eroding in the newspaper industry” and warned that “the skid will almost certainly continue.”

Average daily newspaper circulation in the United States has declined each year since 1987. At The Post, print advertising revenue decreased 4 percent in 2006 from the year before.

And for newspapers that have pinned their revenue hopes on their Web sites, Buffett had a sobering prediction: “. . . the economic potential of a newspaper Internet site—given the many alternative sources of information and entertainment that are free and only a click away—is at best a small fraction of that existing in the past for a print newspaper facing no competition.”

via Stowe Boyd via Facebook

Update: Apparently the American Society of Newspaper Editors is feeling the pressure, too...

From Strupp’s Notebook: The End of ‘Newspapers’ for ASNE?

No more does the ASNE name rest on a red and white box, with its formal name written out, surrounding the logo with the folded corner.

The new logo does not even mention the word, “newspaper,” stating, in a slick black and white design, “ASNE – Leading America’s Newsrooms.”

ASNE president Dave Zeeck acknowledged the “identity transfer” during his address to members. He said the idea was to expand the newspaper image beyond just print and on to online and other facets of the business. “That is what moving ASNE forward looks like,” he said.

From Dave Winer: How to save newspapers

First, reform journalism school. It’s too late to be training new journalists in the classic mode. Instead, journalism should become a required course, one or two semesters for every graduate. Why? Because journalism like everything else that used to be centralized is in the process of being distributed. In the future, every educated person will be a journalist, as today we are all travel agents and stock brokers.

Posted on Mar 28, 2007 | 2:57 am EST
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