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Wednesday, 13 Nov 2002

Recommended Reading

Event: Revenge of the Blog at Yale Law School, November 22. Features a “Blogs and Journalism” panel featuring John Hiler of Microcontent News, David F. Gallagher of and New York Times, Jeff Jarvis of WarLog: World War III, Josh Micah Marshall of Talking Points Memo. Moderated by Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto of LawMeme. Glenn Reynolds and Mickey Kaus also giving talks. Free and open to the public.

Blogging goes wireless: “In a few years, millions of people will have mobile phones with high-quality integrated digital cameras. Whenever something happens anywhere in the world, pictures and eyewitness accounts will be up there on the web for everyone to see in no time. Of course, journalists will still rush to the scene to get the scoop — but the scoop will already be long gone, and journalists will almost never be the first on the scene anymore.” (infoSync)
Also see: HipTop Nation, Smart Mobbin – a report from the field.

Can tablets cure PC industry? Walter Mossberg notes “For me, reading is the great strength of the Tablet PC. It’s much nicer to scroll through long documents on a Tablet than on a regular laptop. In an airplane, when the person reclining in front of you can make a regular laptop hard to use, the Tablet is a godsend.” (Wall Street Journal via sfgate)

Shortcomings of today’s RSS systems: Some good discussion here, including this comment by Cato: “...ideally, RSS would be just another protocol/format supported by POP3/IMAP email clients, and NNTP news readers.  That way you could just check your email/news and pick up your RSS feed updates at the same time.” (kuro5hin)

Study: PDAs Good for Education: Rick Ayers received 30 Palms to use with Berkeley High School students on the production of their school newspaper, the Jacket. “It was helpful because it allowed for more efficient information gathering, fact checking — and for interfacing with the production computer,” said Ayers, an English teacher and last year’s adviser to the paper. “They could compare information with each other, compare quotes and use the dictionary.” (Wired)

New tool: iBlog for Mac OS 10.2 users. Publishing only to .Mac and no editing of templates, but it’s just getting started.…

Posted on Nov 13, 2002 | 7:15 am EST
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