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Thursday, 21 Nov 2002

Recommended reading

Interview with Jan Hauser: “Since we do not have any accepted standards for the creation of our individual electronic identity, we enter the site anonymous, and then, with our own labor and dedication try create our identity inside each specific site according to the site owner’s rules. Once identity is created it effectively becomes the property of the site owner. So URL-based “communities” are more like walled castles with one-way doors, identity is only created within the site, and cannot escape.” (

Woe is Media: A gang review of four recent journalism books, all of which espouse a certain “sky is falling” sentiment for the future of the media trade. “In short, there have never been better conditions for journalism than in present-day America. Yet there is an influential movement, and an entire publishing mini-genre, dedicated to convincing us thatís not so. These scolds may defy common sense, but theyíre still worthy of attention because they represent the consensus among the professionís elite. At least for now.” (via I Want Media)

Thin Media: Short interview on with Nick Denton about his Gizmodo venture. “We’re getting the formula refined for thin media.” If he could identify the right niches and locales, Nick said, “I’d love to launch one of these a month.” Nick’s doing some interesting work here. We call these type blogs, “product-based weblogs” or “shop blogs”. We should see more of these in the future.

Parents Online: Latest Pew Report. “Single parents are more likely than married parents to take part in Internet activities that revolve around communication, such as instant messaging, chat rooms, and posting to bulletin boards. Married parents are more likely to participate in research-oriented online activities, such as looking for financial and health information.”

Picture Pages: Slate article about photo weblogs. “Unlike Weblogs, photologs leap over language barriers, which is a helpful thing when global log-hopping.” Good discussion about this article on Blogroots.
Out thoughts: Photo weblogs work best went implemented as collaborative. Usually, one person doesn’t have the time and content to generate a truly interesting photolog. It would be interesting to see a few professionals tackle the photolog, showing outtakes from professional assignments, contact sheets that encourage the audience to engage the editing process, along side personal work, artistic or otherwise. As is for text-based blogs, a photolog is a great way for a budding photog to showcase their talents.

Posted on Nov 21, 2002 | 1:40 pm EST
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