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Saturday, 07 Dec 2002

Recommended Reading

Interview with Paul Bausch, Co-creator of Blogger and Co-author of WeBlog on his book: “We wanted to have a single repository that would give someone who wasn’t already Web savvy the tools they need to get started. Information about weblogs has to jump mediums if it’s going to reach people who aren’t connected to the Web yet.”

The Art of Blogging – Part 2, Getting Started, “How To”, Tools, Resources: “Writing effective blogs is similar to effective writing for traditional media. While sentence construction, basic grammar, and spelling are important, bloggers are often more concerned about communicating concepts. Writing rules are employed (and broken) to the degree that they support effective communication of a message.” Also has a nice list of guidelines for beginning bloggers.

Blogs may pierce the fogs of war, “Just as the 1991 conflict was the testing ground for 24-hour cable channels like CNN more than 10 years ago, a second conflict there may serve as a trial by fire for the news and commentary sites known as blogs.”

Links and Power: The Political Economy of Linking on the Web, an oldie but goodie. “Search engines like Google interpret links to a web page as objective, peer-endorsed and machine-readable signs of value. Links have become the currency of the Web. With this economic value they also have power, affecting accessibility and knowledge on the Web.”

Joe Viewer and the Internet, AJR: “A broadcaster or newspaper that effectively incorporates its Web presence throughout the day isn’t sending people away; it’s bringing them back.”

Rolling a New Blog, Doc Searls personal history of blogging: “Blogs succeed, I believe, because they are extremely native to the Web as Tim Berners-Lee conceived it in the first place… Linking sources and crediting them is an ethical and journalistic practice that has been a Web standard from the start. It’s also a standard largely forgotten or ignored by big-time broadcasters, publishers and wannabes, who see the Net as nothing more than a plumbing system for distributing “content” to “consumers”. This is why weblogs are journals and not merely “sites”. It’s also why Google, which ranks its findings according to the number and quality of inbound links, appears to favor blogs.”

Online Media Users More Likely to Use the Same Media Brand Offline, OPA survey: “This suggests that advertisers who communicate through offline media brands can achieve greater impact by adding an online component from the corresponding Web site(s) into their media plan.”

Posted on Dec 07, 2002 | 11:11 am EST
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