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What's a 'hypergene'?
The term is used in geology to describe minerals or mineral deposits that formed near the surface by "descending solutions." I had no idea that’s what it meant when I bought the URL.

To me, hypergene describes a trait I know certain people have. Those who can be ignited by a good idea and have maintained the ability to stay childlike in their curiosity.

Hypergene Ideas by Chris

What Can News Media Learn from Computer Games
Talk given at the Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota. See video clip.

Amazoning The News

What if we told stories on the web the way Amazon sells books? Storytelling on the web demands its own vocabulary and strategies — indeed a whole new way of thinking.

When in ROAM
Why wireless executives still don't get it.

Don't get it original - get it right
Insight from information designer Edward Tufte


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