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• Citizen journalism (a.k.a. participatory journalism)
• Social and collaborative media
• Editorial development for newspapers, magazines, web sites
• Design for newspapers, magazines, web sites
• E-commerce web design and development
• Digital asset management solutions
• Digital photography

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[email protected]
Mobile: (678) 707-2683

Hypergene Ideas by Shayne
We Media
A whitepaper on citizen journalism and how audiences are shaping the future of news and information. Commissioned by The Media Center at The American Press Institute.

Hypergene MediaBlog
Participatory Journalism - News from the Bottom Up

iView MediaPro Weblog
Media Management Made Easy.

Designing Web Sites That Sell
Published May, 2002 by Peachpit and Rockport Publishers

Amazoning The News
What if we told stories on the web the way Amazon sells books? Storytelling on the web demands its own vocabulary and strategies — indeed a whole new way of thinking.

What News Media Can Learn from Computer Games
Talk given at the Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota. See video clip.

Shayne Bowman

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