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Appendix: Citations

Research papers, essays, books, social bookmarking sites, articles and news stories referencing We Media:

Research papers and essays
Toward Professional Participatory Storytelling in Journalism and Advertising
By Mark Deuze; First Monday, volume 10, number 7; July 2005
English PDF (264kb) | Dutch PDF (88kb)

Participatory Journalism and Asia: From Weblogs to Wikipedia (PDF, 396kb)
By Andrew Lih; Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong; July 2004

MusicGrid: A case study in broadband video collaboration
By Hassan Masum, Martin Brooks, and John Spence; First Monday, volume 10, number 5; May 2005

Manifesto for the Reputation Society
By Hassan Masum and Yi–Cheng Zhang; First Monday, volume 9, number 7; July 2004

The World-Wide Conversation: Online participatory media and international news (PDF, 1.4mb)
By Rebecca MacKinnon; The Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy; Spring 2004

Grassroots Journalism on the Web (PDF, 2.5mb)
By Chris Anderson; Doctoral Candidate in Communications, Political Communication; Indymedia Documentation Project; June 2005

Participatory journalism meets public journalism — and a new era begins (PDF, 280kb)
By Leonard Witt, Civic Journalism Interest Group News, Winter 2004

Is public journalism morphing into the public's journalism? (PDF, 68kb)
By Leonard Witt, National Civic Review, Fall 2004

How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere? (PDF, 432kb)
By Kathy E. Gill; Department of Communication, University of Washington; Presented at WWW2004, May 17–22, 2004, New York, NY.

Weblogs and journalism need each other
How blogging benefits media organizations
By J.D. Lasica; Nieman Reports, Harvard University; Fall 2003

Privacy and Media – subtle compatibility – five categories of fame (PDF, 116kb)
By Paul Chadwick, Privacy Commissioner, State of Victoria, Australia; Presented at 26th International Conference on Privacy and Personal Data Protection, September 14-16 2004, Wroclaw, Poland

New Media Timeline
By David Shedden; Library Director, Poynter Institute; Dec. 16, 2004

We the Media
Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People
By Dan Gillmor; O'Reilly; 304 pages; ISBN: 0596007337
Reference to We Media: See Chapter 6: Professional Journalists Join the Conversation

Articles, news and other stories
Does journalism belong to the media?
By Eva Dominguez, La Vanguardia, Spain; July 11, 2003

News straight from the audience’s mouth
Information Technology Headlines, European Commission; October 9, 2003

American News Web Sites May Offer Lessons For Japanese Papers
By Jane Ellen Stevens, Japan Media Review; March 18, 2004

The Internet’s Impact on News Media
By Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, University of Washington

Taking community building to the next level at the Greensboro News-Record
By Peter Schaible, Mequoda Library, Rhode Island

Top Ten Ideas of 2004: Open Source Journalism
By Jay Rosen, PressThink; Dec. 28, 2004

By Guillermo Franco, El Tiempo, Columbia; March 2, 2005

Assembly Line Newsrooms are an Outdated Model
By Leonard Witt, PJNet Today; February 9, 2004

We Media Remixed
By K. Paul Mallasch, Kuro5hin.org; June 1, 2005

Online communities: Growing an Internet garden
By K. Paul Mallasch, Online Journalism Review; June 23, 2005

The Intermediary Is Dead!
By Jay Oatway, Portension; April 28, 2005

The War is Over
By Mick Stockinger, Uncorrelated.com; January 19, 2005

Participatory journalism has long roots
By Rob Carrigan, The International Journal of Newspaper Technology; June, 2004

Peer-to-peer Journalism: Food for thought on the changing face of reporters
Kristen McQuillin, The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan; April 27, 2004

Ruled by rumour?
Serena Márquez, Cafe Babel, Barcelona, April 4, 2005

Revolutions on the net happen at the edges
Hans Kullin, Media Culpa weblog, Sweden; June 18, 2005

Online Encyclopedias
Wikipedia entry: Citizen Journalism
Wikipedia entry: Participatory journalism
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