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"It looks like (We Media will) be the reference point for any serious discussions of this topic from now on. "
David Weinberger, author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined and Cluetrain Manifesto

"This is an excellent piece of work, surely the most well-researched around at this point. Meticulous footnotes and all. These guys don't just 'really get it,' they're documenting what's going on at the intersection of social software and journalism in a very thorough and useful manner."
Sébastien Paquet

"Newspapers have been struggling under a web onslaught in recent years as readers have taken the business of reporting the news - and just about everything else - into their own hands. They are beginning to adapt to their new role, and this major (almost book length) report is evidence of that. What has emerged is an explcit recognition that readers will now play a major role in the shaping and delivery of the news. Overall, it's an excellent analysis, and while there may be some differences in the finer points, many of the same models and conclusions may be applied to the learning sector as well."
Stephen Downes, OLDaily

"By far the most comprehensive, thoughtful and perceptive analysis I've seen. Every journalist — offline and online — should read it."
John Naughton, author of A Brief History of the Future: The Origins of the Internet (#)

"Anyone who doubts the significance of blogs and microjournalism should read "We Media," a terrific and detailed synthesis of how these trends are reshaping the way journalism is changing from something people consume into something people do."
Jason Lefkowitz, Ant's Eye View

"Fantastic new report..."
Dan Hill, BBC Radio and Music Interactive

"As nothing exits until it has been given a handle, the term participatory journalism, as it has been baptized in the US, institutionalizes a phenomenon that while not new to the Internet is certainly growing in size and in its consequences."
– from 'Does journalism belong to the media' by Éva Domínguez, La Vanguardia (Reg. required, Spain)

"It is the best overview to date of the various audience and media trends that the authors call "participatory journalism." I don't find anything truly new in the report's 60+ pages, but it ties together a number of threads into a coherent call to action for both media companies and average citizens.... The last chapter has some good advice for media organizations on how to take advantage of the "We Media" phenomenon. It also has an excellent bibliography."
Post by Rich Gordon on E-Media Tidbits. Quicklink: A48473

"We Media gives a very thorough overview in a much more academic way, compared to the much praised Nieman Report that allows participants to disagree quite a lot. The whole stuff might be too much for many, but for journalists chapter five is a must."
Fons Tuinstra, former president of the Shanghai Foreign correspondents Club

"The concept of 'participatory journalism' might not be completely novel, but it has taken on fresh impetus with the introduction of new media technologies. ...At the EU policy level, a report such as this offers some valuable insights. Through its Framework Programmes for research and other endeavours, the Commission has assigned significant value to a number of activities — such as the e-Europe, e-Inclusion and e-Democracy initiatives — aimed at employing technology to promote greater social inclusion throughout the Union."
European Commission, Research News

"Participatory journalism is changing news from all sides. Audience-created content gives stories a new dimension—enhancing them and extending their shelf life."
Kevin Dugan, Strategic Public Relations

"This paper is a must-read for anyone who works in media relations.  Any trends that are impacting journalism also have a direct influence on media relations practitioners. And there are a whole range of trends."
Tom Murphy, PR Opinions

"We Media is a must-read for anyone who is serious about learning how participatory journalism works."
G2B Group, a corporate communications consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area

"à lire absolument..."
Michael Dumais, Ouvert 24 heures

"This looks like an incredibly useful resource for journalism teachers exploring Web logs and participatory journalism in their classrooms."
Will Richardson, Weblogg-ed Vol. 2: Using Weblogs in Education

"Worth a read in full."
Rafat Ali, PaidContent.org

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